Grades 5+6

Al Capone presentations are due this week, we will present them on Thrusday.
Book orders need to be in by this Wednesday if you would like any.
Junior Choir will be singing at the 10:30 service this Sunday, plan to be there.


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Memory Work Packet
5th Grade Spelling Words
6th Grade Spelling Words

Assignments for
September 29

RELIGION Faith Foundations 10
MEMORY WORK Hymn 679:1-3
5TH MATH Unit 2 Review
6TH MATH 2.4 Adding and Subtracting Decimals
p. 67-72
5TH ENGLISH Work on play
6TH ENGLISH  Work on play
READING Al Capone Review + Present Powerpoints
SCIENCE 2.2 Lesson Review
GEOGRAPHY Topic 2 Analysis Skills & Geographic Sources

Spelling tests are always on Tuesdays and Thursdays, except on shortened weeks.

Upcoming Tests
Sept 13 - 5th Math
Sept 14 - Science
Sept 15 - 6th Math

Sept 27 - English
Sept 30 - 5th Math
Sept 30 - Reading


Timothy Hochmuth

Tim Hochmuth

Welcome to our Classroom Page!
Good Shepherd's teachers are ready to listen to your concerns and discuss the education of your child. It is their desire to encourage scholastic excellence in their students, and more importantly, to lead them through Christian example and Biblical teaching.

Book Reports for the year

October 12
Paper Plate Picture – Take a paper plate and color an important scene from a Newberry Award Winning or Newberry Honor Book.  Write a paragraph explaining the picture’s importance to the story. – PRESENT TO CLASS
January 6
(Auto)Biography Study
– Everyone is to read an autobiography or biography. The report will consist of writing answers to a form that will be handed out to you.
March 8
Creation Report
– Construct something to show off you book. Write a one page summary explaining your creation and its connection to the story. Things you can do – poster, book jacket, diorama, model, costume, mural, mobile, movie roll, comic strip, or anything you ask me first about. – PRESENT TO CLASS
May 17
Lap Book
– Read any type of book and construct a lapbook to show the various parts of the book in a colorful and entertaining way.

Be sure to include your name, title, author, and publisher on all reports.

Junior Choir Singing Schedule

October 2
December 4
March 8
May 25
6:30 - Graduation


Whole School Singing Schedule

December 22
6:00 - Christmas Service
January 29
A-L 8:00
M-Z 10:30
April 2
M-Z 8:00
A-L 10:30

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