Grades 5+6

We will be cleaning our room and taking everything home on Thursday.
Our last day is this Friday, we dismiss at 11:15.

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May 24 Assignments

RELIGION Christ-Light 13B WS
MEMORY WORK No memory work this week
5TH MATH Collect Books
6TH MATH Collect Books
SPELLING No spelling this week
READING Novel Survey & Collect Books
SCIENCE Unit F Review
ART Room with a view

Spelling tests are always on Tuesdays and Thursdays, except on shortened weeks.

Junior Choir Singing Schedule

Sept. 10   9:15 & 10:45
Oct. 15   7:45 & 9:15
Nov. 22   7:30pm Thanksgiving Eve
Dec. 20   3:30pm Advent
Dec. 22   Children's Christmas Service
Feb. 14   3:30pm Ash Wednesday
Feb. 18   9:15 or 10:45 GSLS Week
Mar. 25   Palm Sunday
Mar. 29   3:30 Maundy Thursday
May 20   9:15 & 10:45
May 24   Graduation

Class Singing Schedule

Nov. 12   10:45


Tim Hochmuth
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Good Shepherd's teachers are ready to listen to your concerns and discuss the education of your child. It is their desire to encourage scholastic excellence in their students, and more importantly, to lead them through Christian example and Biblical teaching.

Book Reports for the year

1st Quarter - October 13
Read a Newbery Award Winning or Newbery Honor Book. Give a brief, 2 paragraphs at most, recap of the book. Then write the most humorous incident; most exciting happening; most interesting event; or the part you like best. Explain why you selected the selection.

2nd Quarter - January 8
Read a historical non-fiction book and make a time line of the events in sequence. Also give a brief, 2 paragraphs at most, recap of the book.

3rd Quarter - March 9
Make a book jacket for your book. Place a picture on the front, a short synopsis, and a short blurb about the author.

4th Quarter - May 18
Read a science non-fiction book and make a chart of diagram of one piece of information that you learned.

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." ~ MATT 19:14