Grades 5+6

Our Fall MAP testing is underway, we are testing Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

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US History


 Assignments for 9/16

RELIGION Christ-Light 5A
MEMORY WORK Psalm 50:15 & Proverbs 3:5
5TH MATH 2.4 Dividibg by 2-Digit Numbers p. 79-81
6TH MATH Chapter 2 Review p. 59-61
SPELLING SpellingCity 5A
5TH ENGLISH Fragments & Run-Ons p. 48
6TH ENGLISH Fragments & Run-Ons p. 62
SCIENCE Lesson 3 Exploration 3
US HISTORY Chapter 2 Sequence
ART Op Art Radial Name

Spelling tests are always on Tuesdays and Thursdays, except on shortened weeks.


Sept 4 - 5th Grade Math
Sept 9 - 6th Grade Math
Sept 10 - History
Sept 17 - 6th Grade Math
Sept 18 - English
Sept 24 - Science
Sept 26 - History
Sept 27 - 5th Grade Math


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Good Shepherd's teachers are ready to listen to your concerns and discuss the education of your child. It is their desire to encourage scholastic excellence in their students, and more importantly, to lead them through Christian example and Biblical teaching.

Book Reports for the year

October 11 - Sandwich Report – Read a Newbery Award Winning or Newbery Honor Book and then complete the 10 sandwich pieces to be handed in.
January 8 - PowerPoint Presentation – Create a PowerPoint or Google Slides about your book. You must have at least 10 slides. You will need to include the 5 elements of the story. Pictures and text must be included on all of your slides. The presentation will be presented in class.

March 11 - Oral Reading – Read orally an interesting part (about 2 min) from your book, after first giving some background information about the book. You will then follow that up with your recommendation of the book.

May 13 - Movie Poster – Create a movie poster for your book. Pretend that your book is being made into a movie. What actors will play the characters in the book? Their names will need to be on the poster along with the title of the book, a catchy slogan, and illustrations. A summary of the book will need to be included on the back of the poster. Look at copies of actual movie posters on the internet to get ideas. The poster must be presented to the class.
Be sure to include your name, title, author, and publisher on all reports.

Junior Choir Singing Schedule

September 15 9:15
November 27 7:00pm Thanksgiving Eve
December 18 3:30 Advent
December 20 Christmas Service
January 26 7:45
February 2 GSLS Week
February 26 3:30 Ash Wednesday
April 5 Palm Sunday
April 9 3:30 Maundy Thursday
May 21 6:30 Graduation

Class Singing Schedule

October 13 9:15
May 10 10:45

All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness. ~ 2 TIMOTHY 3:16 (NIV)