Joint Exploratory Committee
Joint Exploratory Committee Update August 2019
On Wednesday, August 21, 2019, we were informed by the Milwaukee Archdiocese that the Mary Queen of Heaven Property will be taken off the market and the property will NOT be sold. We were given no further reasons or information for the decision. We will continue to keep lines of communication open with both the Archdiocese regarding the MQH property and the City of Wedst Allis regarding any other alternative single site options that may develop.

What does this mean with regard to the JEC discussion regarding unification? As we have stated before, the decision regarding ministry unification is a separate issue from any combined location decision. Joint ministry and unification discussions continue to progress due to the support the proposal has found in the congregations. We also continue to ask for your prayers and we see to best serve the Lord and His Kingdom here in West Allis. The JEC is currently working on a mission/vision for a unified ministry and will continue to lool for alternative locations for a unified ministry. Going forward, we see this as an opportunity that God has given us to do due diligence with our ministry planning and to give us the appropriate time to craft a unified ministry vision.

Joint Exploratory Committee (JEC)

Lay leaders from Good Shepherd's, Jordan, and Woodlawn Evangelical Lutheran Churches have been discussing areas where we can work together at both the church and school level to improve the delivery of ministry to our surrounding community. In order to thoroughly explore the options, the Join Exploratory Committee was formed with three members from each congregation:

Geoff Loper (Good Shepherd's)
Ryan Bogenschneider (Good Shepherd's)
Mark Kuether (Good Shepherd's)
Dennis Wieselmann (Jordan)
Michael Gittins (Jordan)
Brian Wickland (Jordan)
Jamin Wendorf (Woodlawn)
Aaron Kreel (Woodlawn)
Shawn Woller (Woodlawn)

JEC Mission Statement:

The mission of the Joint Exploratory Committee is to pursue ways to more efficiently utilize our joint resources in our church and school ministries, and to investigate where the facts lead us.

Contact Information:

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Finally, all of you, live in harmony with one another; be sympathetic, love as brothers, be compassionate and humble. ~ 1 PETER 3:8