M4M Merging for Ministry Information
M4M (Merging for Ministry)

The WELS congregations in the West Allis area are currently evaluating and discussing our ministry impact in our community. Our congregation is participating in this process being led by WELS Congregational Services to explore the potential gospel ministry benefits that might be gained by partnering or even merging with other local WELS congregations.

Merging for Ministry Presentation Videos - Winter 2020

Merging for Ministry Team 

Lay leaders from Divine Peace, Good Shepherd's, Jordan, and Woodlawn Evangelical Lutheran Churches have been discussing areas where we can work together at both the church and school level to improve the delivery of ministry to our surrounding community. In order to thoroughly explore the options, the Merging for Ministry Team was formed with members from each congregation:

Rev Mark Aufdemberge (Jordan)
Ryan Bogenschneider (Good Shepherd's)
Joel Davis (Woodlawn)
Mike Gittins (Jordan)
Brian Gottschalk (Divine Peace)
Michael Henning (Good Shepherd's)
Rev Thomas Kneser (Woodlawn)
Aaron Kreel (Woodlawn)
Kurt Kopplin (Divine Peace)
Mark Kuether (Good Shepherd's)
Rev Paul Learman (Divine Peace)
Charlotte Loper (Good Shepherd's)
Jackie Schachtschneider (Jordan)
Jamin Wendorf (Woodlawn)
Rev Ben Wessel (Woodlawn)
Dennis Wieselmann (Jordan)
Shawn Woller (Woodlawn)
Rev Tim Wempner (Good Shepherd's)
Rev Joshua Zarling (Good Shepherd's)

M4M Mission Statement:

The mission of the Merging for Ministry Team is to pursue ways to more efficiently utilize our joint resources in our church and school ministries, and to investigate where the facts lead us.

Feedback Email Address: jointexpcommittee@gmail.com

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