Our Mission
Good Shepherd's Lutheran Church
Mission Statement

Compelled by Christ's love, we welcome all people to believe in Jesus as their Savior. This is done by sharing God's Word and by strengthening each other through worship, education and fellowship.

Good Shepherd's Lutheran Church
Vision Statement

At Good Shepherd's Ev. Lutheran Church, we pray for God's continued blessings on our gospel
ministry. In the midst of a world which is constantly changing, God's word stays the same and our
future is secure in him. And while only God knows what that future is, we pray that he would
graciously bless us as he has in the past, both with spiritual growth through his Word and numeric
growth through our ministry efforts, so that we would be a stronger more connected and engaged
congregation than we are today.

We envision Good Shepherd's as a much more spiritual and connected family in 10 years. We
envision this family gathering frequently and consistently for worship and Bible study; we pray that
we find, create and take advantage of opportunities to welcome guests and new members and to
strengthen our relationships with each other; we pray for continued congregational involvement
that our gospel outreach would expand within our community; we envision a youth ministry which
engages youth in service and fellowship activities within the church; we envision a school with
continued and steady growth; we envision an early childhood ministry which continues its legacy of
love for children and a professional staff; we envision a re-invigorated Sunday school ministry. We
also envision ourselves as a family which supports the work of the church beyond our ministry by
more vigorously supporting the ministries of our Synod. If the Lord would bless this, we would be a
family engaged together in reaching souls in our community and in the world.

Finally, all of you, live in harmony with one another; be sympathetic, love as brothers, be compassionate and humble. ~ 1 PETER 3:8