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Lawn Mowing On Our Campus

Cleaning the church -
become a part of a cleaning team, serving several times per year

Ushers and Greeters

Nominations for Officer and Board Positions: Once again we will be looking for qualified men 18 years and older to fill our various officer and board positions. This year we will be looking to fill positions from our men who presently hold offices and are willing to serve another term as well as from suggested names given to Pastor Knickelbein for the following positions: 1-3 year term for Church President and 1-3 year term for Church Secretary ; 2-3 year terms and 1-2 year term to our Board of Elders that oversees the spiritual welfare of our membership; 1-2 year term and 1-3 year term to our Board of Education which oversees the Christian education of our youth; 2-3 year terms and 1-2 year term to our Board of Evangelism that oversees our outreach efforts to those outside of our membership; 2-3 year terms and 1-2 year term to our Board of Stewardship that oversees our members commitment of time, abilities and treasures; and 3-3 year terms to our Board of Trustees that oversees the care and maintenance of our properties
Elections take place at our next scheduled voters meeting to be held at noon on Sunday, May 20.
If you would be willing to serve your Lord in any of these positions or know of others who would have the gifts to serve, please contact Pastor Knickelbein.


Volunteer Service Schedules:

Ushers 2018 

Greeters 2017-2018


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