Mission, Vision, Objectives

Mission, Vision, and Objectives of
Good Shepherd’s Lutheran School

Mission Statement
Training Young Minds for Life; Preparing Young Hearts for Eternity!


Compelled by Christ's love, guided by the Great Commission, and rooted in God's Word; Good Shepherd’s Lutheran School exists to serve the families of our congregation and community by training young minds for life, and preparing young hearts for eternity.


We will seek to accomplish our mission by:
  • Serving as an arm of outreach and service to our community.
  • Expanding our curriculum in an effort to meet the comprehensive needs of our community and congregation.
  • Assisting families in nurturing and developing children’s spiritual and educational needs.
  • Glorifying God through excellence in the spiritual and academic growth of our students through a Christ-centered curriculum.
  • Encouraging those with gifts and abilities to enter the full-time ministry and/or become future church leaders.
  • Encouraging our students to appreciate their gift of faith by using their different talents and abilities to glorify God both in the church and out in the world.
  • Assimilating new families into our congregational life and then encouraging them to become active and engaged.
  • Providing and maintaining a facility that meets or exceeds the needs of our school.
  • Utilizing technology in order to enhance the educational programs of the school.
  • Maintaining our loving Christian school climate among students, parents, and teachers.
  • Being a preferred choice for those seeking a comprehensive Christian educational experience.
  • Being a strong feeder school for Wisconsin Lutheran High School.


  • To proclaim the Triune God as the Bible teaches, especially as it reveals his work as Creator and Preserver of humankind, his work as the Redeemer of a lost and fallen world, and his work as the Giver of faith and eternal life in heaven.To partner with parents, encouraging and equipping them in their God-given role as spiritual leaders in their home.
  • To establish a well-known presence in our community as a Christian school of excellence both in academics and extra-curriculars.
  • To guide students in faithful Christian living out of love and thanks for the Savior.
  • To train students to apply the Word of God both during life’s challenges and while witnessing to family and friends.
  • To teach all subjects in the light of God’s Word, giving our students the skills they need to be knowledgeable students, successful workers, and productive citizens.
  • To prepare God’s children for eternity in heaven, which Christ has won for us all.
  • To ensure that all teachers have an annual personal and spiritual development plan.
  • To ensure that our teachers are well-trained in using technology for effective instruction.
  • To work with the Board of Outreach to develop an effective new member mentoring program.
  • To set as a goal to have at least 75% of our graduates attend Wisconsin Lutheran High School.
  • To take advantage of the many opportunities to have Wisconsin Lutheran High School representatives in our building and to have our students on the WISCO campus.
  • To promote ourselves as an infant to 12th grade system as we partner with Good Shepherd’s Childcare and Wisconsin Lutheran High School.
  • To set as a goal to have 60% of our students meet their projected annual growth goals set in the fall on their standardized test scores.
Listen, my son, to your father's instruction and do not forsake your mother's teaching. ~ PROVERBS 1:8