WELS Connection Video Series

WELS Connection Video Series

The WELS Connection video series has transported viewers around the country—and the world—in an ongoing effort to keep our Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS) congregations connected. Video has the special ability to bring the sights and sounds of our Lord’s work directly into our congregations. WELS Connection feature stories give viewers a first-hand look at nearly every aspect of our church’s mission and ministry—from home and world missions to youth ministry and ministerial education. Plus, the program reports on the work taking place within individual congregations across the country. It’s a “news you can use” approach—designed to communicate good ideas that other congregations and individuals might want to consider.

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» WELS Connection - June 2019


The God-given mission of the church is to seek the lost. Knowing that, we rightly dedicate much effort and resources to reaching the unchurched and those who have never known their Savior. But that same zeal for missions should lead us also to recognize that we have a ripe mission field right in our own congregations, among family, friends, and neighbors who once worshiped with us but have now strayed.

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» WELS Connection - May 2019

Christian Aid and Relief

Volunteers with Christian Aid and Relief provide help through labor and love when natural disasters strike.

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» WELS Connection - April 2019

April: Unique Home Missions

WELS Home Missions serves different needs in different communities across the country. Through cooperation among individuals and organizations, the gospel can touch people in amazing and unexpected ways.

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» WELS Connection - March 2019

March: WELS Mission Journeys

WELS Mission Journeys is a new synod program that gives regular churchgoers the opportunity to participate in mission work across the world. Attendees help those in need, experience new cultures, and develop new skills.

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» WELS Connection - February 2019

February: Mentoring Pastors

Growing numbers of new pastors are remaining and thriving in the ministry with the guidance of more experienced pastors through WELS’s mentoring program.

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» WELS Connection - January 2019

January: 2018 in Review

From the growth in WELS World and Home Missions to the excitement of the WELS International Youth Rally to the release of the updated WELS mobile app, 2018 was a truly blessed year for the synod.

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» WELS Connection - December 2018 - WELS Missions in Vietnam

December: WELS Missions in Vietnam
WELS Missions is growing. With the help of the WELS Pastoral Studies Institute, WELS Missions is opening a theological training facility in the capitol of Vietnam.

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» WELS Connection - November 2018 - Youth Ministry

November: Youth Ministry
WELS Kids Connection and the International Youth Rally are just two ways WELS is helping assist parents in their important role of passing on the gospel of Jesus to the next generation.

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» WELS Connection - October 2018 - Home Missions reaching Military Families

October: Home Missions reaching Military Families
Through the support of the WELS Church Extension Fund, home mission congregations are reaching out to military families through community outreach activities like “Time with Tots” and soccer/sports nights.

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» WELS Connection - September 2018 - Mission and Ministry Sunday

September: Mission and Ministry Sunday
The WELS Commission on Evangelism has finished its final video in its series of four outreach driven movies. To the Ends of the Earth and additional Bible study resources are available for use in your congregation this October for your Mission and Ministry Sunday.

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