Grades 7+8
More Than Conquerors

The 7th and 8th grade classroom is dedicated to being a safe and friendly learning environment where everyone is encouraged to contribute to the learning experience.  We are a classroom where every subject is taught in the light of God's Word!

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Daily Devotions - Audio
» Joy Victorious Over Hardship – May 27, 2022
Khan Academy
Click on this link for help with Math and Science.  You can watch short videos to help with your homework by clicking on the WATCH tab and practice problems by clicking on the PRACTICE tab!!
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Spanish - 

Hymnology - 

Christ Light - 

7/8 Grade Catechism-  
8th grade- 
7th grade- 


Writing- read article on p. 487-488
Decide on topic and 3 reasons for support



Math 7/6(Red)- Chapter 2 Review (online)

Algebra 1/2 (Blue)- Lesson 2.7 (online)

Algebra 1- Chapter 2 review (online)

American History- 


Spelling- List 7

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Ahnsharee Klusmeyer

Ahnsharee Klusmeyer

Welcome to our Classroom Page!
Principal Michael Henning

Michael Henning

Welcome to our Classroom Page!
Good Shepherd's teachers are ready to discuss the education of your child. It is their desire to encourage academic excellence in their students, and more importantly, to lead them through Christian example and Biblical teaching.
Listen, my son, to your father's instruction and do not forsake your mother's teaching. ~ PROVERBS 1:8