Grades 7+8
"Christ's Love Compels Me"

The 7th and 8th grade classroom is dedicated to being a safe and friendly learning environment where everyone is encouraged to contribute to the learning experience.  We are a classroom where every subject is taught in the light of God's Word!

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Daily Devotions - Audio
» Jesus is Our Humble Servant – January 18, 2019
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Click on this link for help with Math and Science.  You can watch short videos to help with your homework by clicking on the WATCH tab and practice problems by clicking on the PRACTICE tab!!
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Hymn- Hymn 462 v. 3 - due Friday (1/25)

Christ Light- No Assignment

7 Grade Catechism- video 7th co pt2 451,477

8 Grade Catechism- baptism sheet first part

English- Adverb review
Literature- The bird like no other

Science- Complete exploration 1

MATH 7/6- Lesson 65 p349-351 2-3even
Algebra1/2- lesson 72 p.204-205

Algebra 1- Lesson 68 p.278-280 2-30 evens

Am. History- Review p.342 #1-6,1-7,1-10 

Art- oil painting start  

Spelling- Final Test

Spanish - English into Spanish Sentences (due Friday 1/14)
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Principal Michael HenningTeacher
Michael Henning

Welcome to our
Classroom Page!



Teacher Bonnie WilcoxTeacher
Bonnie Wilcox


Welcome to our
Classroom Page!


Good Shepherd's teachers are ready to listen to your concerns and discuss the education of your child. It is their desire to encourage scholastic excellence in their students, and more importantly, to lead them through Chris-tian example and Biblical teaching.
Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it. ~ PROVERBS 22:6