Little things matter. One broken bolt can have a major impact on a huge machine. Forget one small ingredient and a cake may not taste very good. One mistake in a math problem and the final answer will not be correct.

We have a tendency to overlook little things.

Zechariah 4:10 “Who despises the day of small things?”

God doesn’t! To him, little things matter. In Zechariah, God was speaking about the work that Zerubbabel, the leader of the Israelites, would accomplish. A remnant had returned from exile in Babylon and were working to rebuild Jerusalem. At this point, Zerubbabel has only done a “small thing.” But to God, this was the beginning of something great.

Your life is filled with small things. Taken as individual events, you may not see the importance of a kind word or a simple act of service (perhaps one that you’ve repeated in your home countless times). These acts of service are not small; they reveal that you are God’s child. Jesus has worked in your heart to renew you by his forgiveness. He has set before you these opportunities to serve others. There is nothing small about that!

Joyfully seize the moments that you can service – even the ones that are not your favorite or may not seem that important. Through faith in Jesus, see your life for what it is. This is your time to serve Jesus by serving others. That is something that is huge!


Pastor Aufdemberge

Pastor Kneser

Pastor Wempner

Pastor Zarling