The imagery of Psalm 125 is not difficult to understand. Mountains don’t move. Clouds or storms may hide them from sight, but that does not mean that the mountains went somewhere. You just can’t see them because your view is blocked. Psalm 125:2 - "The mountains surround Jerusalem and the LORD surrounds his people, both now and forever."

"The Lord surrounds his people" like the mountains that surround Jerusalem. He is always with us. In his faithful love, he never leaves his people. At times we may not see him because our view is blocked. Troubles can keep us from seeing God. Our sins can make us close our eyes so we don't see God. But our weaknesses and sins don't change God.

We are at the doorstep to Holy Week. The love of God surrounds us in every moment of Holy Week. Christ went to Jerusalem to die for our sins. He was fully committed to the work of being the Savior of the world. His forgiveness is freely given to all who believe.

Holy Week is the mountain of God's love that surrounds you! There are a number of special worship services next week. Make time to attend. This love of God will comfort and strengthen you; it will prepare you for a life of service and for eternal life.

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