Do you have everything you need? There always seems to be something else that we need in order to be happy. A better job. Another “toy.” A bigger nest egg.

In Psalm 34:9 David writes, “Fear the Lord, you his saints, for those who fear him lack nothing.”

To fear God means to trust in him. In particular it means that we trust in the descendant of King David, Jesus Christ. Through faith in Jesus we have full forgiveness for our sins and the promise that God will never leave us. And there’s more. David says that those who trust in the Lord – you – lack nothing! You have the best possession ever. You have the eternal promises of God. You are released from a meaningless life as a slave to sin; you belong to God and serve him daily. All the other “stuff” is small when compared to the richness that is yours in Christ Jesus. Live in the peace of knowing that you lack nothing because you know Jesus – and he knows you!

Pastor Aufdemberge

Pastor Kneser

Pastor Wempner

Pastor Zarling