Predictions: Around this time last year in my January newsletter I made the rather idiotic prediction that there would be no snow. The stations had been threatening, the six o’clock news was sounding the alarm -  but I confidently looked out at our rainy, dark January and declared that snow was nowhere in our near future. Indeed, I was certain of it. 

I must have been out of my mind.

That very weekend God answered with about seven inches of the white stuff, a wintry dowsing of snow that covered the whole of Southeastern Wisconsin like so much whipped cream. It was beautiful, white, and crisp - a monochromatic wonderland. And I had been wrong about the whole thing.

The lesson I drew from all this is that I probably shouldn’t be making predictions about the weather, as a general thing (and I certainly shouldn’t be making them public). As many of us know, predicting the weather in a place like Southern Wisconsin is neither art nor science - it’s a roll of the dice, plain and simple. 

So, in conclusion, I no longer predict things. Lots of things. I don’t predict the weather, I don’t predict the stock market, I don’t predict the race tracks. Movie lines, hairstyles, football scores - I keep my hands off of all of it. No more predictions from Pastor Zarling.

Well, except in one area. 

There is one part of life where I’m still bold enough to make predictions, but that’s because I don’t have to fulfill them. My God does. For when it comes to God’s promises, then I’ll make predictions. Then I will stand on what He says and scream it from the rooftops. So, here’s a few predictions for you, predictions that rest on your Savior.

First, during the year 2020 I predict that the grace of God will surround you like a strong tower and enfold you like an unbreakable suit of armor. Your enemies will flee before it.

Second, I predict that every single one of your sins has been and still is forgiven through the atoning blood of Christ, which is purer than all things, and far outmatches all things.

Third, I predict that during this year all of us will journey ever closer to our heavenly goal - step by step, inch by inch; held firm in the mighty arms or our God. 

I could keep going, but you get the point. God’s promises are ironclad. So ironclad, in fact, that the only prediction I can make with total certainty this 2020 is that God will fulfill His Word over and over again for each and every one of us. 

And that is a good way to start the year!

We thank Good Shepherd's pastor, Reverend Joshua Zarling, for this week's blog post.