John 20:27, "Then Jesus said to Thomas...stop doubting and believe!"

One Easter Sunday a few years back, I sat down to read the paper. A rather alarmist headline was spread over the front page “Growing Numbers Don’t Identify with a Religion.” It was an article about people not wanting to be tied to a particular religion. What could be causing that? Is it that people are losing faith in religion?

Faith has one enemy: doubt. Doubt causes people to question what they believe. In some areas, that can be good. Doubt can cause a group of citizens to hold their government accountable. But when doubt disturbs our faith in God then it is our enemy. Don’t be fooled, there are some who want us to believe that skepticism and doubt about God and his Scriptures is healthy. There are some who approach the Bible with an attitude that says, “I won’t believe it, unless I see it.” Those kinds of attitudes spread doubt and doubt is the enemy of faith.

Easter is about certainty. The resurrection of Christ, the empty tomb, the eyewitness accounts are all there for us so that we can keep our faith. There is an infamous disciple nicknamed Doubting Thomas. Unfortunately, he’s remembered for the wrong thing. The story’s title should be, “Believing Thomas”. That’s because Thomas and the rest of the disciples teach us to keep our Easter faith by trusting in Jesus like they did. Doubt is our enemy so keep your Easter faith.