Looking back over our lives, I wonder how many of us could say we are doing exactly what we thought we would be doing at this point. Have we fulfilled the plans we had when we were six or seven years old? According to the US Department of Labor, the answer is maybe not: people born between 1957 and 1964 have held, on average, 10.8 different jobs. That’s a lot of different jobs, and sometimes these jobs have little in common with each other: like going from a police officer to being a pastor.

Sometimes we talk about this radical change from one job to another as answering a call. We look at the circumstances in our life and we determine that the Lord is calling us to do something different. Some men decide that the Lord is calling them to serve in the ministry. Other people decide the Lord has called them to serve their families by opening up their own business. In fact, wherever you are in your life (so long as it’s not sinful) is where the Lord has called you to be.

But there is a greater call that has gone out to all people from Christ. It is the call to believe. This call reaches out through the words of the gospel. It reaches out through people who share the gospel. It is Christ’s call that tugs on human hearts to believe in him. And Christ’s call is a powerful one, it makes us eager to come and see all that he does and teaches; it makes us excited for the greater things that he has promised.

In John chapter 1 Jesus calls Philip and Nathaneal to be his disciples. Nathaneal was first reluctant to follow Jesus. But Philip just said, "Come and see." And, wow, did Philip see some incredible things: Jesus did miracles, Jesus taught powerfully. But most importantly Jesus died for humanity and rose again. Jesus led Philip and Nathaneal to see all that he had come to do. 

Well, guess what? Jesus is calling, you too! Come and see!