In 1942 the United State’s Office of War information coined a phrase that we still use today, “Loose lips might sink ships.” We usually get rid of “might” and just say, “Loose lips sink ships.” The idea was to encourage every US citizen that careless talk might give away information to enemy spies and thus endanger our soldiers. Giving away secrets to the enemy is a bad thing. Giving away secrets in our everyday life is also a bad thing because it could destroy someone’s life. Perhaps a friend confessed a sin to you. If you go blabbing that secret to other people that would not only destroy that person but it would probably destroy the trust and the friendship you had.

Normally revealing secrets is a bad thing. But each one of us has a secret waiting to be revealed. It wasn’t something we came to on our own because it was hidden to us by sin. But the Holy Spirit whispered the secret in your ear when you became a believer: perhaps through a pastor, or through baptism, or through a curious reading of the Bible. The big secret, of course, is that God has saved mankind from their sins. That secret is one worth sharing to other people. 

And that’s what makes us nervous. Sharing the secret isn’t something that’s easy for us. We have a lot of worries about what might happen to us or other people if we share the secret. So Jesus tells us: go ahead share your secret fearlessly and let God do all the worrying.