I’m the kind of person that gets sick a few times a year. I don’t know what it is, but it seems that every year I pick up all the new varieties of the common cold. This past year I found a way to manage it better, but I still get sick. And being sick stinks.

But that’s just the common cold. It’s not a sinus infection or an ear infection. It’s not cancer. It’s not liver disease or a neurological disorder. And of course, we could add a bunch of other things to that list and come up with a whole menu of diseases, infections and disorders that make our life miserable.

But if there is a silver lining to being sick, it is finding the root cause of the illness. When a person discovers that the pain in their back is an indication of something much more serious that can be cured, that’s a very important discovery. And they’re led to seek out medical help so they can get healthy again.

It is the same for our souls. Sin makes our souls sick and often we just ignore it. We think that we’re OK with God because we go to church, even though we’re caught in any number of sins. “God still loves me,” we tell ourselves. But nice thoughts don’t cure the sickness. And as the sickness of sin gets worse and worse, ignoring God eventually leads to bitterness toward God. As our souls get darker and darker from sin, we get madder and madder at God, “He’s just out to get me. He doesn’t care about me.”

So we need to know we’re sick, so we can get the cure. By knowing the reality of sin we go and find a real doctor of our soul, our Savior. And he makes us healthy. And by his help, our attitude about forgiveness changes and so does our attitude about him.

God’s truth changes our attitude. So what do you think, are you sick enough for Jesus?