Trust not in princes, they are but mortal; Earth born they are and soon decay, Vain are their counsels at life's last portal When the dark grave will claim its prey. Since, then, no one can help afford, Trust only Christ, our God and Lord. Alleluia! Alleluia!" - Johann Herrnschmidt (1675-1723)

I would have written those words, no matter who won the election for US President. I would have written those words because no matter who is in control of the government, they cannot save a human soul.

I write these words because so much of politics seems to be based on the idea that we can create a perfect world. If we would only enact the correct policies, if only we would have the correct tax code, if only we would treat this or that differently, then we could get rid of poverty, get rid of hunger, get rid of crime.

The problem, of course, is that no human can get rid of sin. And certainly no government, no matter how noble, can cure the human soul.

Please don't misunderstand though: government plays a very important role. God established the government when he created the family. From mother and father the government derives its authority because mom and dad are ultimately responsible for the physical and spiritual welfare of their children. In our country, moms and dads ask the government to assist them in their role of taking care of the body of their children by electing and supporting government officials who provide for the safety and peace of society. Romans 13 tells us therefore to be subject to the government and to support the government.

But if we look to government to solve our spiritual woes, if we look to government to deal with the problem of sin or to give the answers to eternal life, then we are asking government to do what only God can do. "Trust not in princes, they are but mortal."

But if we put our trust in Christ, we put our trust in the only one who can give us what our souls crave. If we put our trust in Christ we put our trust in the one who will never die, who will reign forever and who holds your eternal soul in the palm of his hand. By the blood of Christ, by his perfect life, by his resurrection from the dead, Christ has given you what no mortal human being could ever give you--eternal life. Put your trust in him and pray for those princes--those government officials that God has put in place.