Faith really isn’t that impressive of a thing. The world throws the word around as though it were wishful thinking. “You just got to have a little faith!” But where does that come from? If someone tells me to put an apple on my head while they go over there and try to shoot the apple with their bow and arrow I’m basing my confidence on that person’s ability to shoot accurately. When Jesus tells me to trust in him, what am I basing my confidence on? Promises. I’m basing it all on his promises. But the best part is that the ability to trust in those promises, faith itself, comes from Jesus. Jesus says believe, and then provides me with the ability to do just that. That’s the power of God’s Word. God’s Word has the ability to change my heart so I believe. So if I want to keep trusting, I must stay connected to the source of that power.

Jesus said faith as small as a mustard seed can do great things. That's because it's not the faith itself, it's the Word of God that gives it power. That simple little message of God's love gives our mustard-seed faith the strength to grow strong, and root itself deeply in God’s love which he showed us in Jesus Christ.

If we want to have a stronger faith Jesus tells us: grow by staying connected.

Where else do you hear about God’s love for you but in the Word? Stay connected to that. What else reminds you of God’s promises to keep you strong but his Word? Stay connected! Stay connected at home by carving out ten minutes to sit and read about God’s love on your own or with your family. Stay connected to those promises by coming frequently to worship. Our mission, the mission of the church, is growing by staying connected to the Word which nourishes faith. You want a strong faith? I guarantee you, no, the creator of the universe, God himself, guarantees you that you will find it right here in his word, the word of promises that work.