"Make America great again!" If you're following politics, you've heard Donald Trump say those words. And whether you agree with him or not, I don't think any of us would disagree that having a great America is a good thing. 

Of course, what is it that makes America (or any country) great? That seems to be open for debate.

Ceratinly freedom comes to mind. And I must agree that freedom is truly a gift from God. I recently heard a young Pakistani man talk about his life growing up as a Christian in Pakistan. To say it was tough doesn't quite capture the struggle. Imagine being in a private school, and called upon by the teacher to "defend" your Christian faith knowing that if you went too far, if you pushed your Christian faith a little too hard, you could be hanged or stoned to death? That's a lot of pressure!

This young man talked of feeling so alone, like he was the only Christian on earth. He knew he wasn't, but his heart was still very alone. Then he took a trip to the United States and gathered with a group of a couple thousand Christian teenagers at a youth rally. Here were people his own age praising God, worshiping God and they didn't have to be afraid. They were free to worship. And he was free.

But Christians are always free. Christian freedom isn't political and it's hardly even earthly. It's spiritual. It goes beyond our bodies and transcends this world and this universe. It points us to our God in heaven who has set us free from the requirements of this world and given us a new home in eternal life. The requirements of this world lead us to guilt, shame and despair as we struggle with our sinfulness and our inability to be perfect. But God has set us free and pointed us ahead to a time when we will be made perfect, in fact, that time has already begun in our life.

This is the better freedom that no politician, no earthly government, no social program can come close to touching. It's the freedom that comes from knowing Jesus as your Savior.