Here in the Milwaukee area Lent is a big deal. Lots of people give things up, go to church, put ashes on their foreheads--but why? What is this season all about?

He couldn't hold the guilt in any longer. As she stood there in front of him, he couldn't look her in the eye. He had to come clean. He had to pour out of his heart all that he had done wrong. He had to ask for her forgiveness.

In the end, she forgave him. And he--they--were never the same. They grew closer. Their love blossomed. And they were whole.

Lent is a season of putting off: putting off the old ways of sin, of coming clean before God, of hiding nothing from him. And Lent is a season of reflection on what God has done to rescue us from sin. God has made us his children through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

Lent may be somber. Lent may be serious. But Lent is a truly happy season, because it brings us closer to our Lord and he makes us whole.

Below is a video that I pray blesses you in your Lenten meditation.