In this world that so desperately needs to hear the message of forgiveness, now is not the time for Christians like you and me to deny our Savior. Instead, now is the time for us to give a clear answer, a reason of conviction that rests on the authority of Christ.

It’s time for us to be amazed again. I think sometimes the reason we don’t give such a clear confession, is because the amazement of what Christ has done is diminished for us. Be amazed!

Be amazed because Christ’s message has the authority to save you. We see a glimpse of that authority when Christ cast out a demon from a man in the synagogue at Capernaum (Mark 1). Did that demon know what was happening? You bet he did! He said to Christ, “Have you come to destroy us?” Notice the demon says “us”—us demons, the powers of hell, the power of Satan. Yes, Christ had come to destroy you all! And with one word of authority, the demon submitted to Christ. Amazing!

Here we stand in our lives, confronted with the demons of sin everyday. We fall to temptation. We give an unclear confession of faith. We sin. We are powerless to stop sinning. But Christ comes and with one word he casts sin out of your life. Sin must flee before Christ’s authority. It happened in baptism. There the authority of Christ was invoked as you were baptized into the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. And Satan fled. Christ declares to you: “Forgiven! Now go and leave your sin.” And Satan flees before Christ’s authority. Christ stands with hands and side pierced, his blood staining a cross, and making payment for sin so that no sin could own you, so that no sin could trouble you, so that no sin had power. His authority makes sin flee. As Luther said in A Mighty Fortress: “One little word can fell him!” Amazing!

Friends be amazed at Christ’s authority. Be amazed that sin has no place in your life. Christ puts you on notice today that your sins don’t master you. Be amazed that you’ve been saved by Christ’s authority. And then cling to that authority.

Then there is nothing to fear when we make our stand. In amazement you see what Christ has done for you. In amazement you know his message is true.