Now that all the Christmas "madness" has passed, let's take a step back. How classy was it for you?

How do you celebrate a high-class Christmas? Do you decorate your house with the nicest Christmas decorations? Do you put together a top notch meal with the best ingredients and the tastiest desserts? Of course those things are nice. But for a lot of people, that’s all Christmas is about. But do they go to the manger to see their God?

Many are fond of saying, “Keep Christ in Christmas.” But do you? Christ means “chosen one”. Christ is chosen to be the Savior. He is chosen to fix our problem of sin. How many of you reminded your children that we open gifts at Christmas because Jesus is God’s gift to us to save us from sin? How many of you said a prayer thanking God that he rescued us? How many of you went to bed on Christmas Eve thinking more about the presents, or the meal, or the family gathering, or the family drama, than you did thinking about God’s peace to you at Christmas?

Perhaps the greatest danger is not so much that we forget about Jesus, but that we miss his significance in all of the details. We see the stable. We see the manger. We see the animals, the shepherds. And it’s very humble, it’s very peaceful, cute even. But if that’s it, then Christmas is not high class at all, it’s worthless for you.

God comes to you at Christmas. God who sees all, knows all and is in all. And at Christmas he hides it. He wraps up his glory in frail human flesh. What’s God saying? “Come and see me. Don’t be afraid!” God is removing everything that separates you from him. “Come and know me!” God hides his glory so that sinners can approach him and know him. “Come and feel my love.” God hides his glory so that we won’t die for sin but live.

In that manger is the guest of honor, the single greatest hope of this world. God solves the problems in this world by taking away the sins of the world through Jesus Christ.

This is what makes Christmas high-class. Don’t you see it? Here at Christmas you can stand before God with all your sins, with all the ugliness of your guilt and shame, with all your unsolved problems and unfinished tasks, and you can look into the face of your God who knows. He knows how you struggle. He knows how you hurt. He knows how you wait for the day when you will be free from it all. And he knows that he comes to fix it all and make things right again. You don’t have to try to make Christmas special. It is because of Jesus--and that makes it classy.