God encourages believers to find their hope in him because he richly provides all things for our enjoyment. From God comes all of his love; all of his forgiveness. From God comes Jesus Christ who has paid the price for sin. From God comes the guarantee of eternal life so that no person would ever have to be afraid of death. From God comes every good thing to provide for life and protect his people. This is the God who is a certainty, who is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, who doesn’t change. And God gives all these things for the believer’s enjoyment. Enjoyment comes when the stuff people have serves a purpose, it doesn’t just sit there. It does a person no good to buy a new article of clothing or a new gadget, if it just sits there never used. God wants believers to find enjoyment from the things he gives by using what he has given. And how has God given it? Richly. From God’s never ending storehouse of wealth he gives to people all that they need, and very often more than they need.

When believers reflect on God’s service to them, then it’s time for them to respond to that love. They can look on their possessions in life as a way to serve God and serve their neighbor. Paul says, “Do good, be rich in good deeds and generous and willing to share.” The word that comes to my mind is magnanimous. Magnanimous is that person who is generous, big-hearted, free with their things. They aren’t necessarily rich in this world, but they treat you as if their home is your home. Paul is encouraging a spirit among believers that says, “We are all God’s family. These people who share my faith are my brothers and sisters. What God has blessed me with, I can also use to bless others because I love God, and I love my family in Christ.”

Because God is rich, he has made us rich, too.