Everything we do in life—the words we speak, the thoughts we have—it all comes from our attitude about God. If our attitude about God is love, then our actions will show his love. It doesn’t mean we’re perfect; instead, it means we desire to share God’s love. On the other hand, if our attitude about God isn’t one of love, our actions cannot share his love. It doesn’t mean that our actions will always try to be bad; instead, it means that our actions will be motivated by love for ourselves.

Only God can change attitudes. The Bible shows us his love especially when Jesus died on the cross. His love softens our hearts because we discover freedom from sin. Jesus paid for our sin on the cross. We find joy in serving God and others because we are free from guilt. We aren’t motivated by “I have to” but by “I want to.”

However we decide to go with a fundraiser we need to ask what is motivating that decision. So here are some questions to ask yourself: How am I using God’s Word in my life so that he can form and shape my attitude? How does a fundraiser reflect my attitude of love for God? How do my reasons for wanting a fundraiser compare to God’s will about doing the mission of the church (see step one)?

Fundraisers are something God allows us to decide. When God leaves a decision like this up to us, that means the process of making the decision is more important than the decision. That’s because the process reflects our attitude. When we carefully think through what God says to us in his word, God will form our attitude so that it always shares his love. So fundraisers that work are most concerned with motive.

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