It’s always great to hear new songs.  They introduce us to new rhythms, and help us look at things in new ways.  But old songs can be great too.  There’s something comfortable about old songs.  In today’s fast changing world, old songs can be something that doesn’t change.

  This applies to Christian music too.  While God encourages us to “Sing to the Lord a new song,” some of our favorites have been popular for many years. 

   We sing some of my favorite new songs in church.  We also sing some of my favorite old songs, and I recently discovered that some of my favorites have been sung for over 800 years:

…A Hymn of Glory Let Us Sing – 8th century;  

…Oh, Come, Oh, Come, Emmanuel – 12th century; 

…All Glory Laud and Honor – 9th century.

   Old songs like these connect us with Christians of all ages.  The love of God and the truth of His Word does not change.  In a world changing so fast, it’s great to know the unchanging love of God.