What are the most viewed posts on Good Shepherd’s Facebook page? In the last 3 months, our posts were viewed 48,413 times. Even though we regularly post about events, and have a weekly blog, the most viewed by far are the Bible passages we post. It’s great that our fans and guests prefer reading God’s Word.

   The number of views for select recent FB posts: 1,680 for 2Timothy 1:7; 1,273 for 1John 4:9; 1,250 for John 3:16; 1,094 for Parent’s Day information; 838 for Women’s Program information; 655 for blog Do Or Done; 619 for church survey form; 479 for blog 111 Million Watch Packers Win; 384 for school snow closing announcement; 378 for prayer page; 343 for sermon Be Noticeable For Christ; 310 for dodge ball tournament; 291 for Bible study on Luke.