In today’s world, the expectation is that we treat everyone with honor and dignity, regardless of race, age, sex, or position in society. Jesus sets the standard for treating everyone the same, male, female, children, rich, poor, and outcasts. The Bible book of Luke emphasizes this aspect of Jesus’ 3 year ministry.

   You are invited to study the Gospel of Luke with us. Come once to see what it’s like or come every week as you wish. The same study is held twice each week for about one hour and is led by Pastor Tom Knickelbein.

   The "Brew and Bible" group meets at 1:00p on Wednesdays at Cream City Custard, 1440 S. 84th Street, West Allis, WI 53214.

   The Thursday class meets at 7:00p Thursdays in the church fellowship hall located in the lower level of Good Shepherd’s Church.

   The Gospel of Luke shows us the life and ministry of Jesus Christ through the eyes of Luke, a physician and companion of the Apostle Paul during his missionary journeys. Luke not only wrote the Gospel of Luke, but also the Acts of the Apostles (or Acts). He wrote these as personal letters to a Christian individual, Theophilus, a Gentile convert unfamiliar with the Holy Land.