Knowing that Jesus will coming again, the Christian is eager to live in the light of God’s Word. This is our faith guiding us! But the Christian life is a paradox. We are not perfect and face many temptations and trials. How are we to view our present situation knowing that we are called to lives of faith and service? Here is something that Martin Luther wrote that I believe gives us useful insight into our lives.

“Though sin lets itself be felt, or death shows its teeth, and the devil frighten, here is far more grace to rule over all sin, far more life to rule over death, and far more of God to rule over all the devils. Therefore, in this kingdom of heaven sin, death, and the devil are like dark clouds under the physical sky, which, it is true, cover up the sky for a while; but they are unable to rule over it. They must remain under it and let heaven remain over them, to govern and to rule. Just so, though sin bite, death terrify, and the devil let himself be felt in temptation, these are, after all, clouds; the heaven of grace rules and wins out; they must stay under it and must finally pass away.” (What Luther Says, p. 239-240)

Perhaps you’ve flown on an overcast, cloudy day. When the plane break through the clouds you see that the sun is still shining. You just couldn’t see it.

God’s love is always shining on us. We are always under his perfect care. Living in the light of his grace that is yours because of Jesus Christ, give careful thought to how you live. Temptation and troubles, thought quite real, are not the final word in your life. You always belong to Christ!

Pastor Wempner

Pastor Zarling

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