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August 2010

Do Good and Evil Balance?

   Entertainment today (including TV, films, literature, and even video games) commonly advances the false religious belief that good cannot exist without evil, that good and evil are of equal strength, and that in the long term good and evil "balance" each other.    The reality is that good CAN exist without evil, good is immensely more powerful than evil, and there is no such thing as a "balance" between good and evil.    What is...

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Where Is God – I'm unemployed

  Are you unemployed?  Are your savings gone?  Do you have serious medical problems?  Are you a Christian who wonders why God let this happen to you?  This is a time of hardship for many, including many Christians.   Some TV preachers falsely say God will give us wealth and health if we just do this or that.  In the Bible we find the truth: God promises to take care of us both in this life and the next, but he does not promise an earthly life without...

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Mosquitoes and Bacteria

   Mosquitoes around here are the worst they have been in many years. At my home in the city, walking outside in the hot sun means having 3 or more mosquitoes biting every minute, the kind that leave itching welts which last for days. As for bacterial infections, have you ever had the kind that can kill you in a few day's time? My wife and I have each had such an infection.    What have we learned from observing mosquitoes and bacteria? It appears that only the females...

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Morgan Freeman's Through The Worm Hole

   Atheists by definition do not believe there is a god. Yet most people do believe in some god, so atheists conclude that the human mind creates the concept of god to avoid worry about certain issues like death. This age old claim was recently advanced on Science Channel's "Morgan Freeman's Through The Worm Hole."    Either God exists, or He does not. What we believe about God's existence does not change the situation. The claim that god is a creation of mankind...

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