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July 2010

Do You Like To Hike at National Parks?

  Do you like to hike at state and national parks? It's a great way to see the beauty and grandeur of creation. In the Bible we read that God created a perfect world. But today there are major problems throughout creation. Here in the US, Elm and Ash trees are being devastated by disease and insects. Throughout the world volcanoes, tornadoes, hurricanes, lightning, and floods kill and destroy. Disease and lack of food kill countless animals and countless people. Bad things happen all the...

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What To Say

 What last words would you say to a dying friend or family member? That is a difficult time which many of us face more than once. We will certainly remind our dying friend how much we love them, and how much others love them too. There are so many things we would like to say if there was enough time.  But the most important thing, would be to remind them about how much God loves them. That the God who knows everything they ever did, and everything they ever thought, both good and bad,...

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Loving Relationships

   It's great to spend time with those we love. A close relationship with friends and family means so much. God created us as social beings (Gen 2:18). While our relationship with our friends, family, and spouse are important, there really is only one truly essential relationship in our lives. How is your relationship with God these days?    By our human nature, our relationship with God is totally broken. Our rebellion against God (our sin) separates us from God (Isaiah...

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Why Should I Trust The Bible?

   Have you ever heard someone say the Bible is outdated and full of mistakes and contradictions, then you find out they have never read the Bible? While the Bible was written thousands of years ago, it is God's Word for us today and is 100 percent accurate in everything it says. Many Bible statements can be confirmed through history, archeology, anthropology, astronomy, and other fields. These "proofs" will never convince a skeptic to believe in God, although some skeptics...

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