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October 2010

8 of 10 People Worldwide Used On-line Social Networking

   Amazingly, 86% of people in the world today have used on-line social networking (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and 46% use it daily. In China, the numbers are 97% and 54% (North America 83%, 50%). The time people spend using on-line social networking is growing and already exceeds that for email in many countries. Globally, 61% of on-line users access digital content daily, more than TV (54%), radio (36%), newspapers (32%), or magazines (14%). The way that people communicate with others...

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Earthly Distractions

   Sports, career, movies, Facebook, caring for loved ones, planning for retirement, even volunteering at church: Everyday life can grab and hold our attention, distracting us from thoughts about Jesus and of our eternal life with Him in heaven.  Some Christian churches mistakenly add to the problem by telling us, “Christianity is about helping others in their daily lives, don’t let eternity take your focus away from that.”    The truth is that Jesus...

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Top Bible Searches released a list of the 5 most popular Bible passages people read in each of the 10 cities with the most traffic to their website. BibleGateway points out that Psalm 23 appears in the top 5 of all 10 cities except Singapore (actually Psalm 23 appears in the top 3 of those 9 cities) and also that only 8 books of the Bible (8 of 66) are on the list.    My take: All 8 Western cities (7 US plus London) have the same top 3 Bible passages in various orders. The...

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411 on Angels

   Will you be an angel in the next life? Where did angels come from? What do they do? How many are there? What are some popular misconceptions about angels? How many classes of angels have wings?    The angel Gabriel informed Mary that she would give birth to the baby Jesus. To whom did Gabriel appear over 500 years earlier? Pastor Knickelbein’s October 3rd sermon provides Biblical answers to these and many other questions about angels. View it and other video...

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