Pizza Fundraiser

Join us for a

Good Shepherd’s School

Thanks for a great 2020 event!

Join together with other GS families to make pizzas! It’s a fun activity to raise some dough for Good Shepherd’s school. Our group works as a team to make pizzas while we build friendships and strengthen our commitment to GS. 

Please read the following on how to collect pizza orders.

1. Collect money at the time of taking order(s).
2. Make checks payable to Good Shepherd’s Lutheran Church,
    or if possible, make one check to the school.
3. The BLUE tally sheet is for your personal use to keep track of
     your family and friends pizza orders. Please keep this tally
     sheet for your reference when you deliver your pizzas.
4.  After completing all of your orders on the BLUE tally sheet,
    complete the YELLOW final order form, which will be your
    total for everything that you have sold.
5.  Turn in your YELLOW FINAL ORDER FORM and your money
     by FRIDAY, February 7, 2020.
6.  Join your fellow GS family in making pizzas on
     SATURDAY, February 29, 2020. Help is needed from 7am- 5pm
     in the school gym
7.  Pizza pick-up is from 3-5 PM on SATURDAY, February 29
8. You deliver your pizza orders to your friends and family.

     We appreciate your help in making this fundraiser a success!
Listen, my son, to your father's instruction and do not forsake your mother's teaching. ~ PROVERBS 1:8