Scrip - Raise Right
Scrip Raise Right

What is Scrip Fundraising?

When our Good Shepherd's families and friends participate in scrip fundraising, they earn money for Good Shepherd's non-budgeted special activities and equipment just by making their regular household purchases. But instead of paying with cash or credit, they use gift cards from America’s favorite and most trusted retailers. It’s fundraising while you shop, and you won’t have to ask anyone to sell anything ever again. Scrip fundraising gift cards are the same gift cards you would normally purchase from a retailer in your local retail stores, and they work the same way. And with over 500 of the country’s biggest brands, our selection has something to appeal to every family. You’ll find cards you can use at grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, movie theaters, home improvement stores, and almost any business that accepts gift cards. Virtually anywhere you shop will accept some form of Scrip.

Good Shepherd's can earn up to a 15% rebate on each purchase. Using Scrip couldn’t be easier. Our families and friends purchase gift cards for places where they plan to shop, and use those cards instead of cash or credit. Our supplier sells those gift cards to us at a discount. Good Shepherd's sells them to our families for full face value and our families redeem the cards for full face value. Good Shepherd's keeps the difference as a rebate, earning a percentage of every dollar spent using the scrip gift cards.

How to Get Started:

Please use the links below to access the order form and complete list of available Scrip. The order form includes an abbreviated list of the most popular Scrip selections.
Link to Complete Retailer List of Available Scrip on Supplier Website  

Schedule Note: The final order for 2022 was December 16.

To participate, submit your completed order form and payment to the school office, or mail to Good Shepherd's Lutheran School, 1337 South 100th Street, West Allis, WI 53214. Scrip orders are due on the last Friday of each month September through April unless otherwise announced.

Thank you for considering this program to help Good Shepherd's.

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