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End Times: Old and New Testament Prophecies 

The End Times is where all of us are headed, along with the whole world. Is this cause for fear – or comfort? We'll spend time reviewing topics like death, the signs of the end, the end of the world, Judgment Day, and Eternity. Beliefs about the End Times can be confusing! What comes to your mind when you hear words like the Antichrist, the Rapture, the Millennium, the Tribulation, or Armageddon? These words – and the meaning of the words – have become the cause for a lot of confusion and concern among Christians. We'll take the time to examine how different people use these terms. We can help others understand the End Times better. This kind of study can help us get a better grasp on events between now and the end of the world. And it can help us understand why some people end up misunderstanding features and events of the End Time. And then? We can better explain to others what we believe, why we believe it, and how this is important to all of us. And keep it centered in Christ and filled with love.

Why Do Some Believe in Millions of Years?

This video compares evolution and creation,
looks at a few of the scientific problems evolution faces,
and shows why evolution is incompatible with the Christian faith.

What is the Place of God in Daily Life?

  -What does it mean to worship God?
  -How much of my money should I give to God?
  -Should I give till it hurts?
  -Does God need my money?

Interactive Faith - Presented Via Livestream 

Thousands of Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS) members have participated in the Interactive Faith Bible studies, which are held twice a year and led by a WELS pastor or professor. Many congregations gather as a group for the study; other WELS members connect as couples or individuals. The studies are designed to have 10 to 15 minutes of lecture by the instructor, followed by 5 to 10 minutes for congregations to discuss a question or two or do further study. Participants can interact with the instructor via the chat box.

An archive of previously presented Bible studies is available.
Livestream is viewable with an app on your smart phone or streaming device.

Online Studies Interactive (Flash Required)

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