Bible Study: Sunday Topics
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Sunday Morning Bible Study
Held in the Church Lower Level at both locations:
Living Hope North (Good Shepherd's)
Living Hope South (Woodlawn)


Ecclesiastes — Reflections on Life from King Solomon    January-February 2023
The Bible says Solomon was the wisest person to ever live. He was also very wealthy
and successful. So how did Solomon view his accomplishments? Solomon’s insight
into a meaningful life is still beneficial for us.

Worship — Modern Issues and Practices    February 2023
Historical practices, modern cultural expectations, and personal taste all collude
when a congregation worships. How should we evaluate the best practices so that
our worship is God-pleasing and edifying to the congregation, while at the same
time it is part of a congregation’s outreach efforts in a community?

Sermon on the Mount    March-April 2023
Jesus’ words in the Sermon on the Mount are aimed at his disciples. He taught
them, and us, the attitudes and actions that reflect our faith in him as our Savior.

Adiaphora — What to Do When God Does Not Tell Us What to Do   April 2023
The Bible does not tell us what to do in every situation. While there are issues that
are not specifically addressed, the Bible gives us godly principles that can guide us.

The Creeds — Their Background and Modern Importance    May 2023
The Christian Creeds were written to proclaim Biblical truth and refute errors. They
continue to play an important role in the Christian Church.

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